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What We're Doing About COVID-19

The Golf Course is OPEN!

With our comprehensive plan in place, we feel that golf can remain a safe haven of outdoor activity and mental stimulation.

Golf represents a very healthy option for citizens to get sunlight, exercise, and mental stimulation safely, if done right. We have worked closely with the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners Association) and the PGA of America as well as our former colleagues at the largest management companies to come up with a comprehensive and continually updated “best practices” to keep everyone safe. We have moved quickly and aggressively to create an operation that can protect our employees and guests, while continuing to provide what we feel is a crucial mental health and physical fitness option for our community

Check In

  • Our golf shop is now open for check in
  • A maximum of 4 people will be allowed in the golf shop at any time
  • Areas will be designated for guests to stand, so that we can ensure social distancing
  • Our golf shop staff will be behind shields and wearing gloves
  • We hope you can help us streamline this process by submitting only one payment per group whenever possible
  • Please don't show up too early for your round, there is limited space available on the driving range and practice facilities. Standing and waiting are not permitted

Driving Range

  • Our driving range is open
  • Stalls and mats will be spaced 10’ to 12’ apart to ensure social distancing
  • No waiting is allowed, if there are no spots available you must either wait in your car for a spot to open or come back at another time
  • Range baskets will be controlled by our golf shop staff and disinfected after each use
  • Range balls will be thoroughly cleaned after each use

Practice Putting and Chipping Greens

  • Our practice putting green and chipping green is open
  • The practice putting green will be divided into 5 sections and only one person will be allowed in each section at one time
  • A maximum of 4 people will be allowed to use the chipping green and practice bunker at any given time
  • The maximum time allowed on either the putting or chipping green is 20 minutes
  • No waiting is allowed, if there are no spots available you must either wait in your car for a spot to open or come back at another time
  • Please bring your own golf balls from use on the practice putting and chipping green, use of range balls in this area will not be permitted

Golf Carts

  • We have created a walking incentive where golfers are given a free beverage if they choose to walk rather than ride
  • As a result of the Governor's continued reopening plan, golfers are now allowed to ride together in a cart
  • We will still have complimentary pull carts available for those that would prefer to walk and we will continue to provide 2 free drinks to those that choose to walk
  • We have ordered additional golf carts that should be arriving soon and we will send out an email with further details about the additional carts once they arrive
  • Golf carts are thoroughly wiped down after each round. This includes the steering wheel, seat, bag strap, and side handles with disinfecting wipes or spray
  • Cart staff are wearing protective gloves and changing them throughout the day

On the Course

  • Water coolers, rakes, and other commonly handled objects have been removed from the golf course
  • We have modified our cups so that golfers can retrieve their golf ball without actually touching the cups itself or the flag - making it a "no touch" experience
  • Staff will be making regularly laps around the course to enforce social distancing policies
  • The last tee time of the day where riding carts will be allowed is 6:30 pm. Golfers may walk after 6:30 pm, but no carts will be issued. As you can imagine, our staff has a number of extra duties to perform to ensure everyone's safety and prepare adequately for the next day. We appreciate your understanding and we will lift this restriction as soon as is practical

Post Round

  • We ask that golf carts be returned to a specific area after your round
  • Carts are cleaned and disinfected by our staff. A card is placed on the steering wheel letting our staff know which carts have been cleaned and which still need to be cleaned
  • Guests are encouraged to remove and dispose of as much of their own trash as possible to reduce the items our staff must come in contact with
  • Cart staff are wearing gloves when disposing of trash and cleaning carts

Food & Beverage

  • The Bridlewood Grill is now open with limited seating to comply with the current guidelines from the governor
  • You will be able to sit inside, watch TV, and order food and drinks with tableside service
  • Our servers will be wearing masks and gloves. Please understand that this is simply a precautionary measure, and no one on our staff is ill
  • We will be suing disposable plates and silverware
  • There will be no waiting allowed for dine in service, so we encourage you to make a reservation
  • We will continue to offer Take Out food (Order Online - Click Here)
  • The front patio will be available for To Go pick up, maximum of 4 people. If there are more than 4 people waiting to pick up food, you may be asked to wait in your car until your order is ready
  • Beverage carts will be on course during peak play times


  • We have instructed all staff members who feel ill to stay home. We have a paid sick leave policy in place. 
  • We encourage staff to eat well, stay hydrated and well-rested, and quickly report if they are not feeling well
  • We are reading daily CDC and WHO best practices and communicating to all employees


  • We are communicating nearly every day with our guests letting them know of these steps and others we develop. This includes emails to our entire customer database as well as specifically to golfers playing the next day. We feel this is key to the golfers' compliance with these changes. We have found that golfers want their activity to remain available, and we just need to inform them of what is required

We believe we are at the forefront of what is required to keep this vital activity available to our community. As long as we are open, we intend to continue to look for more and more ways to make this “new normal” as seamless as possible for golfers while maintaining and improving safety measures. All evidence seems to show that COVID-19 does not like sun and heat, golf is an activity where you can spend hours out in the sun, heat, and fresh air, with even more structured social distancing than a public park as only a few people can be on a golf hole at a time. Most golf holes are 150 to 550 yards long so it’s nearly impossible for more than 4 people to be with a few hundred yards of anyone else at any given time.

We believe we are leaders in how this can be done, and we hope we can demonstrate a path forward that is acceptable to all on how to keep this resource available for our community.