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Golf Instruction Team

Bridlewood offers a variety of golf instruction from several experienced Pros - for every level and every age, we can suit your golf needs!

Kirk Dillen, PGA Director Of Instruction

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Cell: (940) 391-5976 • EMAIL

First and foremost, I am a PGA Professional and I truly believe in everything the game represents: honor, integrity, and sportsmanship. I began playing competitive golf at Paris HS (in Texas, not France) then played collegiately at Paris Junior College and East Texas State University (now Texas A&M Commerce). I have been teaching in the North Texas area for the last five years and while I’ve had numerous mentors throughout the process, the most recent was Charlie King, a Golf Digest top 50 Instructor.

My objective in teaching is to improve each student’s skill and ability, as well as, their enjoyment of the game. I strive to teach that each motion is the foundation for the next and while it’s important to teach the correct movements, it’s equally important for the student to understand the process behind the mechanics. Additionally, in golf, it’s fundamental to not only learn how to hit the ball, but to play the game. As an industry, I believe we over teach swings rather than the ability to get the ball in the hole. Equally as important, should be the student’s enjoyment of the game.

Club fitting continues to be a part of what influences my teaching. An understanding of what makes the golf club work correctly is important in helping a student’s overall performance. I have been certified in the Titleist and Maltby fitting systems and the Mitchell Lie & Loft bending equipment.  From my 35-year love affair with golf, if there is only one thing I’ve learned: there is no magic pill. With guidance and hard work there will be improvement; with the right attitude and commitment, a good player can become great.

Jamie Thompson, PGA Instructor

Office: (214) 991-6754

Jamie has extensive training in club fitting with experience in using all major manufacturers’ club fitting systems. As a PGA Professional at Golf Galaxy, Jamie was afforded the opportunity to train at facilities that include Ping, Nike, and Ralph Maltby.  Having taught a wide variety of players over the years that includes beginners all the way to tournament players, Jamie has developed a “Teaching Philosophy” based in fundamentals. Fundamentals are a key to any consistent golf swing. A proper grip combined with a good stance and posture insure a solid base from which to make a turn and swing. Combine these elements with square alignment and you have the basis for a very sound golf swing. Once an understanding of the fundamentals is achieved, a program for rapid improvement can begin. Not only will the fundamentals help achieve a sound golf swing it will also lead to greater enjoyment of the game. Jamie has been in the golf business since 1992 and a PGA Member since 1998 Jamie’s experience includes:

  • 1988 Graduate of University of Oklahoma
  • 1992-1999 Assistant Golf Professional – Pecan Hollow Golf Club – Plano, TX
  • 1999-2001 Assistant Golf Professional – Coyote Ridge Golf Club – Carrollton, TX
  • 2001-2005 Head Golf Professional – Coyote Ridge Golf Club – Carrollton, TX
  • 2005-2006 PGA Professional – Golf Galaxy – Lewisville, TX
  • 2006-2010 Assistant Golf Professional – Bridlewood – Flower Mound, TX

Ken Hilton, Staff Instructor

At age 12 I started playing in local junior golf tournaments run by the NTPGA. This was an awesome learning experience and today I encourage the juniors I teach to play in the same events. By age 14 I began to play at the national level and was the captain of my high school golf team. The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) gave me the national exposure that most junior golfers need if wanting to play at the collegiate level. High school golf tournaments along with summer tournaments at the local and national level propelled me into a college golf career. Sam Houston State University is where I accepted a Division I golf scholarship.

I was very fortunate at a young age to have worked with some of the top golf instructors in the country. In high school I took golf lessons from Hank Haney who worked with the #1 golfer in the world, Tiger Woods. While in college I began working with Randy Smith who at the time was teaching such PGA Tour players like Justin Leonard. These world renown golf instructors not only made me the player I became, but also heavily influenced the way that I teach the game today.  After my college golf career came to an end I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. While living there I played at the professional level for 2 years and then was forced to retire due to a shoulder injury. Not able to compete anymore, I decided to stay close to the game I loved so much and did the next best thing which was to start my career as a PGA Professional working and teaching at high-end facilities in various parts of the country.  Once I had learned how to run a basic golf operation I returned to DFW to be closer to my family and explore the Club Professional opportunities here. I became a Pro at Tour 18 Dallas in 2000 and was able to get more involved with golf instruction. From there I left to open up Lantana Golf Club where over the next four years I continued to develop my teaching approach and philosophy.

From Lantana Golf Club I was presented an opportunity to go to Aspen, CO and be a part of one of the most exclusive golf clubs in Colorado. The experience was very rewarding but as a true Texas native the winters there were not very enjoyable for me. I prefer a climate that allows me to be able to play and teach golf year round. In the years prior to coming to Bridlewood Golf Club I found true happiness in devoting my time to teaching the game of golf. It is exceedingly rewarding to be able to teach and improve many different golfer’s from all walks of life.